Today: Mar 23, 2019
Running days: 145   
Today: Mar 23, 2019
Running days: 145   


Global Office JF Limited Company is engaged in the professional search, letting and sale of real property. Are you interested in small office rental, or you just need to find a great office space for your business? Just contact us and, in short terms, our team will help you find the best options that will meet your demands in full. Our credo: individual approach to each customer that will deliver favorable results!

We have assembled a team of professionals with a great experience in real estate business.

Our best analysts have coordinated the companys development plans in the years ahead.

The affiliate program provides active partners with a possibility of additional pay.

About us

Global Office JF Limited Company was established in 2006, in the South-East of Brazil. At first, it was a small group of experienced analysts led by Mr. Joshua Fostman that worked in the area of office property. From the outset, Global Office JF Limited was engaged only in the selection and letting of real estate for its customers. However, in due course of time, we have expanded services and decided to engage in rental and buying/selling of warehouses, storage sheds, and other non-residential property. Due to the experience of the management team and professional performance of employees, the company has achieved great success and has expanded into the whole country. Four years after the foundation of the company, a representative office, so far engaged in fruitful work, has been set up in New York (NY, USA). We have developed a good reputation due to the speed, with which we close transactions. In most cases, it takes only a few hours to find the best premises for our customer. 90% of our employees do not sit back and are constantly on the move, looking for suitable objects. If you are looking for an office unit or any other premises, you have come to the right place!

Investment offers


1.5% Daily For 10 Days
  Deposit Term: 10 Calendar Days
  Daily Profit: 1.5%
  Total Profit: 115%
  Principal: Return
  Minimum Deposit: $ 10
  Maximum Deposit: $ 50.000
  Payments: Manual


4.5% Daily For 30 Days
  Deposit Term: 30 Calendar Days
  Daily Profit: 4.5%
  Total Profit: 135%
  Principal: Included
  Minimum Deposit: $ 20
  Maximum Deposit: $ 100.000
  Payments: Manual

Affiliate program

6% - 2%

Global Office JF Limited provides an opportunity to generate additional income by attracting new investors to our company. You will be getting 6% of the investable funds of first-line partners, and 2% of investments, made by second-tier cooperation partners.

Our statistics

Total deposited: $ 195344.07
Total withdrawn: $ 51628.27
Last deposit: $ 300.00 (Bonzo)
Last withdraw: $ 1.35 (korvicnik)
Total deposited:
$ 195344.07
Total withdrawn:
$ 51628.27
Last deposit:
$ 300.00 (Bonzo)
Last withdraw:
$ 1.35 (korvicnik)